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Celebrating Women in Food for International Women's Day

Celebrating Women in Food for International Women's Day

If there’s a day we can get behind, it’s International Women’s Day. As women and as entrepreneurs, we are always working our tails off to challenge ourselves and build a better world around us - and that’s worth celebrating. For us over here at Just Date, it’s best to celebrate IWD by recognizing and supporting the women who inspire us in business and in life.

So, we’ve picked 3 of our favorite women-owned food brands to highlight women crushing it in the industry. Every one of them makes delicious products that we incorporate into our daily rituals, and every one of them has an amazing story behind their brand.

Ali Bonar, Kween Co

We Love: original granola butter

Ali Bonar studied Nutritional Sciences at UC Berkeley; after documenting her eating disorder recovery online and building a movement of body positive, intuitive eating "kweens," Ali launched Kween — a wellness company with the same mission: to empower women to reclaim their relationship with food and their bodies. Having seen the prominence of nuts in health food items and endless nut butter, Ali grew interested in creating a tasty alternative. Kween's flagship product, Granola Butter, is the world's first spreadable granola: a top 14 allergen-free spread with the sweet taste of granola and the smooth texture of a nut butter. 

Ali has such a positive presence and influence. We love how she uses her social platform to empower women in their bodies and inspire balanced lifestyles, and her push for intuitive eating that makes you feel good inside and out. She is changing the game in nut butters by offering something better, a delectable spreadable granola butter. Ali and her co-founders make all of their butters in-house, which is really unique in a world of outsourcing, and one of many signs of her crazy hard work ethic. She’s the real kween. 

Shop her vanilla granola butter, a new flavor that’s wonderful on toast, cinnamon roasted sweet potatoes, yogurt, and by the spoonful. We’re constantly craving her granola butter, which tastes like liquid teddy grahams, but is made with better for you ingredients. 

Sana, Diaspora Co

We love: cardamom

Sana Javeri Kadri is the founder of Diaspora Co., a direct trade spice company working towards a radically equitable, sustainable, and more delicious spice supply chain. Born and raised in Mumbai, India amidst a big family of doers, idealists and changemakers, she’s spent her brief 26 years on earth thinking mostly about food - how it grows, who grows it, and who has access to it. She’s also worked in just about every job in the food industry from line cook, to farmer, to historical menu researcher. She founded Diaspora Co. in 2017 as a wild idea that in less than two years has turned into a nationally acclaimed, cult followed food brand that supports over 100 small Indian farmers and farm laborers. She is setting a new standard for spices. She currently lives between Mumbai, India and Oakland, CA with her partner and rescue pitbull pup, Lilly. 

Sana’s reconnecting with our shared Indian heritage through spices, which are so key to what our cuisine is all about. She’s removing the watered down association and flavor profiles of our spices and helping people understand that pathway (some spices change hands 10 times between a farmer and a consumer!) and origin through intensely flavorful spices. She’s a crafty businesswoman and a crazy impressive hustler. Sana tells stories of food and culture beautifully, and is creating a modern and equitable approach to the spice industry by investing in regenerative culture and a high standard of wages and care for her farmers.  

Shop her Pragati Turmeric, which is, as the New York Times says, the best tasting turmeric there is. It’s intense and bright and you’ll want to add it to something, anything, everyday. We certainly do.   


Nikki, The Fullest

We love: the saffron latte

Nikki Bostwick is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the wellness and lifestyle brand, The Fullest. Her passion for wellness began early. She trained to become a yoga teacher and taught throughout college, while studying business, then attended plant-based culinary school at Matthew Kenny Culinary to concentrate on raw foods and learn about the energetics of healing with a reiki certification. She continued exploring wellness and what the word wellness meant to her, leading to her brand. The Fullest started as strictly a digital concept, publishing articles, videos and podcasts, and has since expanded to include a saffron based product line to complement their view of happiness as the ultimate indicator of wellness. 

Nikki’s approach to wellness and food inspires us. At The Fullest, she has a vision of getting the larger wellness community to discuss what it means to be unwell, and believes in a world where everyone can achieve wellness in a way that’s not going to hurt them. She is passionate about mental health and enabling people to live healthy and full lives, which she has been building a full educational platform around - her conferences, podcast, and online media are all robust resources. As for her products, she’s sharing the well studied mental health benefits of saffron through a tasty latte blend.

Shop her saffron latte. It’s not like anything you’ve ever had before and might just replace your golden latte. Made with saffron and creamy coconut milk powder, it’s a delicious way to start every morning. It’s a bright, cheerful yellow with a slightly sweet, bright taste that’s great for your adrenals.