Red Cabbage Salad + Roasted Kumquats

It's hard to call this just a "red cabbage salad", but I couldn't put every single ingredient in the title. This salad took influence by Asian salads at Thai and Burmese restaurants, and no, this salad is not simple! This salad was actually inspired by a recent trip to Earthbound Farm with @thefeedfeed, where we delighted in tasting organically farm-raised produce, right from the earth. I was inspired by the bounty of herbs - cilantro, cilantro flowers, mint, and all sorts of bright, edible flowers. We don't have any of that in our backyard sadly, but a bounty of cilantro, mint, and the gorgeous fruit of the season - citrus in all forms - makes this the brightest and most vibrant salad around! Check out this delicious recipe below. 

red cabbage salad.jpg


Roast kumquats, cara cara orange, garlic, and ginger.

1 lb roasted kumquats - halve and seed kumquats, and slice 1 cara cara orange into thin slices. Lay down parchment paper on a baking sheet. Drizzle kumquats and blood orange with 2 tbsp olive oil & 2 tbsp date syrup, sprinkle with sea salt and roast at 400 for 30 minutes, until lightly caramelized and brown. Add 2 fat cloves of garlic dipped in olive oil to the baking sheet, and 1 head of gingerroot as is. 

1 small red cabbage, halved and then sliced into thin strips

3 cara cara oranges, segmented

1 bunch of mint leaves

1 bunch of cilantro leaves

1 cucumber, sliced into thin, long strips (you can use a Y peeler to do this - slice long thin strips)

1 jalapeno, sliced thin and quick pickled with 1/2 tbsp date syrup and 1 tbsp rice wine vinegar

1 lb sugar snap peas, raw and sliced into thin rounds, ends removed


1 cara cara orange

1/4 cup sesame oil

1/4 cup mirin

10 roasted kumquats

2 roasted blood orange slices

roasted garlic & roasted ginger - see above

For the dressing, combine sesame oil, roasted ginger, 2 roasted blood orange slices, roasted kumquats, mirin, and juice from 1 cara cara orange in a powerful vitamix, until blended. 

Combine remaining ingredients in salad, including remaining roasted kumquats. Drizzle with date syrup, and then toss with dressing.