Yuba Noodles + Date Balsamic Sesame dipping sauce

We're pretty floored by the genius recipes coming from Rezel Kealoha. She's creating all sorts of killer recipes with our date syrup, and making plant-based eating very, very easy for us with tons of exciting flavors! Here, she takes tofu skin and turns it into noodles, tossing it with roasted vegetables, and adding a date syrup-balsamic-sesame dipping sauce. Yes please! We've also been excited by how seamlessly date syrup is working with Asian flavors. Per Rezel, "it's a great substitute for brown sugar or even palm sugar"! We couldn't agree more. 

Find the recipe & more deliciousness over at Rezel Kealoha!

Screenshot 2018-01-07 17.53.18.png
Screenshot 2018-01-07 17.53.53.png