Hibiscus Mint Agua Fresca + JDS

We are relishing the early sunshine in San Francisco, and celebrating with some vibrant fizzy drinks to refresh us and nourish us this spring! A 'Just Date' pink drink felt right for upcoming Valentines' Day, and we think you'll love this one. 

Make sure to get your date syrup in time for Valentines' Day, and use the code JUSTDATE for 15% off!

hibiscus agua fresca.jpg

1 cup hibiscus flowers (I get mine from Oaktown Spice Shop)
3 cups water, hot, just before boiling
1/4 cup mint
1-2 tbsp Just Date Syrup

Steep hibiscus flowers with mint and hot water for 30 minutes, covered. Add 1 tbsp (or more) Just Date Syrup to your preferred level of sweetness! Top with club soda if you prefer a little fizz.